No, you do not have to be a Standford graduate, son of a billionaire, to get the company valuation you deserve!

“What’s your valuation?”

Perhaps you:

Want to low-ball the founder so you can get a good deal?

Save time by figuring out if founders have unreasonable expectations on valuation, so there is no point in talking more?

That’s fine if you have well-defined logic, but I don’t think it makes…

UNPREPARED: An unexpected journey, experiencing tech cultures around the world.

We are end of 2021, I left my apartment in Hong Kong in 2019 and have spent 2 years of pandemic in Thailand, alongside my lovely girlfriend to build something that I could call “home” for the first time over 10 years. …

We are in 2015, after 1 year in Thailand, I already start to feel the (itch) to go explore some new countries in the region.

  • Singapore JFDI
  • Tech conference BKK
  • Approved to 500 startups
  • Fly to California
  • Fly back to discover Vietnam
  • Fly back to California
  • Come back to organize Vietnam largest tech conference

Want to get more productive and automate your business to create more free time?

A question people always throw around.

“What’s your superpower?”

Mine is:

The willingness to put in a lot of digital researches + an oversensitive BS tech detector that helps discover the best tools and products for…

These days, at most conferences, everyone is talking about AI technological disruption, changing the face of the world as we know it, etc.

Yeah ok… cool.

I put my hands into coding with Open AI’s GPT3 capabilities in 2021.

But actually, most of these conference speakers have no idea of what they are talking about. Usually, none of them have got in their…

Djoann Fal

Author of The Adaptive Economy | Forbes 30U30 | Tatler | Jedi | Co-Founder, GetLinks (Alibaba, SEEK) | Watch my talks here:

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