Adaptivity — our social mission and combat to fight against 4.0 economy inequalities through digital employability.

Massive automation is going through a release test.

Not only for cashiers, no doubt this is a question that you may have discussed with colleagues or friends as it seems to be a hot topic of the moment, with not just employees talking about it, but major employers and governments too. Thanks to, our anxiety is properly triggered.

During COVID19, our economy is now completely dependant on online services and automated systems.
  • We are now using virtual meeting rooms daily to work remotely from our homes — Example here
  • We are now entertaining ourselves daily using online communication and socialization systems — Example here
  • We are now using exclusively on automated logistics system to move our economic activity and trades across continents — Example here
  • Even our shop’s shelves are now starting to be updated with automated systems because it is safer to use robots than humans during this social distancing context — Example here

The risk of billions of people left on the side

  1. Every talent will need serious help to be able to understand where they can fit in this new digital economy and understand how they can use their hands to make an income during the 21st century’s 4th industrial revolution.
  2. The new world of work and the incomes it will be providing will be extremely unequal. The income inequality we have seen in the past 50 years in terms of Gini index, Purchasing power, and media salary mobility & capability will be ridiculously low compared to what is happening last 10 years and what is ahead.

The vision & 2030 big hairy goal:



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Djoann Fal

Djoann Fal

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