GetLinks announce Remote Jobs Festival to support Thai talents to get an income while working from home.

Last couple of weeks in the news we have globally seen several million people getting out of jobs due to the global lockdown and social distancing measures to prevent the COVID19 to expand.

In Thailand we are talking about 7 million people who got out of jobs during the last 2 weeks only. This is unprecedented and will deeply impact the morale of thousands of families.

We need to do something about it. Now.

While government and big corporations are regrouping and reorganizing to guarantee the safety of our people, this is the duty of every organization to think creatively how to adapt and how to support others during this turmoil

At GetLinks we also believe giving chances to everyone to connect with technology-enabled jobs

is a universal right. This is included in our mission “Bring humanity to technology”, so internally our team has worked hard on thinking how could GetLinks make an impact supporting workers during this situation. And here is what we got :

Introducing Remote Work Festival

COVID-19 should not mean 0 THB monthly income for 7m talents.

We strongly believe in this time more than ever, Thailand workers will need the employers to support them. Hence as a recruitment platform, this is our duty to consolidate, catalyze, and accelerate the hiring of talents in new forms in any situation.

During this hard time of social distancing, many remote jobs and work from home work opportunities are out there, however, it remains extremely hard and time-consuming to search these work from home jobs and connect with the employers: we decided to make this our combat.

Remote Work Festival will be an online job fair and live stream conference gathering more than 10,000 remote and work from home friendly jobs available today. Talents will be able to access not only full-time remote opportunities but also freelance opportunities to make an income during this hard time.

Partnering together with the leading innovative jobs platforms in Thailand: Workmate, Fastwork and GetLinks, more than 100 virtual companies' booths will be gathered on a simple and fun interactive platform to help talents to easily discover “work from home OK” jobs in Thailand but also freelance remote jobs in the USA, Europe, and others with higher income per hour than normal.

On top of that, as part of our effort to provide transparency of information in the technology hiring market, we will be hosting a live-streamed conference with the key influencers of the digital economy in the country to share what are the recommendations and best practices for companies and talents to adapt during this remote work episode and beyond.

Launching GetLinks Freelancers:

By 2030, it is expected that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. As demographics change, employee preferences will follow suit. This generation will likely be tech-savvy, constantly connected, and reluctant to adopt hierarchical and legacy-like structures. This will shake up power dynamics, which are likely shifting from the management to its employees. Workers will demand more flexibility, multiple jobs, and working remotely will be at the center of organizations.

With this vision, GetLinks recently partnered with 3 freelancing companies to provide a number of freelance opportunities to talents who recently lost their jobs and want to try themselves in a new freelance career, working remotely.

Thanks to our integration with FastWork, GetLinks talents will be able to access 10,000 freelance job opportunities in Thailand for Data entry, Customer Service, Video Editing, and other Admin work that can be done from home.

Thanks to the integration with WorkMate, GetLinks talents will be able to access Customer Service opportunities and Call center jobs that can be done from home, supporting particularly pregnant women and also enabling people with reduced mobility, including this part of the community in the remote workforce, finally!

Thanks to the integration with agencies like DotYeti, GetLinks will provide a sustainable full-time salary to freelancers who are interested to become full-time workers as well as providing remote full-time talents for the key on-demand tasks like designers under, but also and

Finally thanks to the recent partnership with Lazada, GetLinks will enable anyone — even without a tech skill — to be able to make an income online via social commerce by becoming “products micro-influencer” recommending online products through affiliate sales to their community of friends and family.

Catalyzing hiring and interviews, even remotely.

To support the ecosystem of companies during this hard time, GetLinks have prepared some impactful measures too:

To accelerate the hiring of talents available in the market, GetLinks will give Free hiring credits to 1000 companies from April 30 to May 30. Each company signing up or losing in during that period of time will be entitled with 1000 GetLinks hiring credits with a value of 30,000 each, convertible to 10 interviews on GetLinks marketplace. On top of this, posting a job on GetLinks will be free and any candidates applying directly to the jobs of the company will be Free FOREVER.

To facilitate interviewing online, GetLinks integrated a new Hong Kong-based video interview service that will be available for free to use from May to August. Not only that, but the service will also be including AI interviews with will enable companies to let candidates interview themselves based on a series of questions to accelerate the recruitment process.

Bringing humanity to (remote) technology.

Even during these hard times, our mission to make tech hiring simple doesn’t stop. At GetLinks, we believe we are living an incredible time and this is the chance for though leadership to rise with solutions that will help companies to hire right and talents to make an income in the long run.

We believe by connecting Thailand talents to global work from home opportunities, we will not only help underprivileged workers who lost their jobs recently to have a safe line if they can work online but also enable those talents to be more resilient of the changes in the employment market on the long run.

You can join us in our quest to support Thailand worker by sharing this post in your local language with the hashtag #supportthaiworkers #getlinksremotejobfest

Here is how to participate:

  • If you are interested to make your company join as a participant, click here
  • If you are interested to give away vouchers to support the Thai workers, click here
  • If you are interested to speak at our event or organize a virtual workshop, click here



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