GPT3 free tools I tried recently for fun.

With GPT-3 slowly revealing its potential, it has created a massive buzz amid the ML community. While developers are trying their hands on some of the exciting applications of GPT-3, many are expressing their astonishment with the kind of possibilities it can bring for humanity.

Apart from writing codes, writing stories, and developing websites, many developers have played around with GPT-3 to bring out some fun applications. In this article, we are going to share some of those fun online tools that are created on GPT-3 that I experienced recently during my Christmas holidays:

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1| Create Mails With OthersideAI

About: OthersideAI is an online tool that generates full-length emails according to the preference, only by typing the essential pointers that need to be covered. With GPT-3, the tool helps users create well-written, concise, convincing emails 4x faster than before. Along with that, the tool also provides intelligent summarisation, insights, and a whole suite of other tools to manage the inbox.

2| Write Job Description With Dover

About: Dover is an online tool built using GPT-3 to help HR professionals to write job descriptions. All one has to do is write a short description of what they want, and the tool will generate a more extended variant. Not only it helps in creating a creative job description but also speeds up the process of writing job descriptions for mass hiring.

3| Ask Questions With Philosopher AI

About: With all the important business problems, it is also necessary from time to time to ask some of the fundamental existential questions on life, and thus the tool Philosopher AI. This tool, along with answering some of the essential life questions, generates text on different topics and subjects. It mimics the opinions of renowned philosophers and then produces answers for the relevant query.

Check out the tool here.

4| Build Apps With Debuild

This is mind blowing.

With GPT-3, I built a layout generator where you just describe any layout you want, and it generates the JSX code for you.


— Sharif Shameem (@sharifshameem) July 13, 2020

About: Debuild is an online tool, built on GPT-3, used for creating web applications at a lightning-fast speed. All one has to do is describe the application requirement in plain English on the tool, and then with one click, the app can be created. “I would have to re-write my two initial samples in HTML/CSS. Then all of GPT-3’s outputs would be in plain HTML/CSS,” added Sharif Shameem, the founder of

Check out the tool here.

5| Learn Anything From Anyone

Ever wanted to learn about rockets from Elon Musk?

How to write better from Shakespeare?

Philosophy from Aristotle?

GPT-3 made it possible.

— Mckay Wrigley (@mckaywrigley) July 17, 2020

About: LearnFromAnyone is an online tool, built on GPT-3, used for learning anything from anywhere. From learning to write better than Shakespeare to learning philosophy from Aristotle, this tool makes it possible for anybody to understand complex subjects from anybody they wish for.

Check out the tool here.

6| Tweet Generator

Mind-blowing AI-generated tweets

With @OpenAI’s GPT-3 model (thanks to @gdb), I built an app that generates its own tweet given any word.

Also, these AI tweets are indistinguishable from human tweets.

Try for yourself (replace ‘word’ below with yours):

— Sushant Kumar (@sushant_kumar) July 15, 2020

About: This tool is built on GPT-3 to generate tweets on any given word. Developed by Sushant Kumar, the Cofounder of a tech-enabled real estate asset management company — Azuro, this tool claims to create indistinguishable tweets for users.

Check out the tool here.

7| Generate Taglines With Taglines.AI

About: Last but not least, GPT-3 has been used to create this online tool, where users can generate perfect taglines for their business. The tool claims to have made task such as creating slogans as easy as with just one click. The tool creates short, catchy phrases that can easily be used by businesses for communicating their ideas and visions.
Check out the tool here.

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