In the 2020s, Adaptive firms will outperform the competition

Data, AI, IOT, blochains… What will be at stake for leaders to keep their workplace competitive towards 2030?

Adaptive Quotient: The New Competitive Advantage

How is it that some companies reach trillions of dollars market valuation and others never reach a billion? TO build technology businesses, workforces need to adapt to the technologist mindset.
Gary Hamel, interviewing Bill Gates about The Future of the Workplace.

Staying competitive with internal re-organization

4 ways leaders can boost the workplace adaptivity is a tech company dedicated to build products to help organizations and its individuals to stay adaptive and win market shares through technology skills enhancement.

1.Change Your Thought Process

2.Force Yourself & Your Team to Take Risks

3.Encourage Others to Be Open-Minded

4.Embrace Adaptive Learning

5.Take The Adaptive Quotient Assessment



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