In the 2020s, Adaptive firms will outperform the competition

Data, AI, IOT, blochains… What will be at stake for leaders to keep their workplace competitive towards 2030?

Adaptive Quotient: The New Competitive Advantage

How is it that some companies reach trillions of dollars market valuation and others never reach a billion? TO build technology businesses, workforces need to adapt to the technologist mindset.
Gary Hamel, interviewing Bill Gates about The Future of the Workplace.

Staying competitive with internal re-organization

  • Flexible technology increases the ability to change. The organic evolution of the tech stack will not deliver the required speed of change. Adaptive firms leverage technology platforms and ecosystem partners to accelerate their capacity to deliver customer value at scale through thin customization layers. Platforms accelerate the uptake of new technologies and capabilities through innovation chains. A leading insurance company created several foundational technology platforms, which accelerated its time-to-market by 21% and its efficiency by 19%.
  • Predictive insights uncover emerging opportunities. Firms cannot wait to witness trends before taking action. Adaptive firms constantly apply insights to predict emerging customer needs and expectations and act on those needs. Adaptive firms seek to create virtuous cycles in which they can leverage insights from customers and partners that enable them to continually provide value and identify emergent needs. A leading industrial manufacturing firm has built digital capabilities into its products to improve performance, conduct predictive maintenance, and create a tighter relationship and more value for its customers.
  • Businesses are enabled through changeable orgs. Adaptive organizations are not afraid to pursue adjacent or disruptive opportunities. Tech execs at adaptive firms seek to build flexibility into their operating models. Platform teams provide consistency, scalability, and versatility. High-performing organizations structure themselves around the work that needs to be done, leveraging partner ecosystems to both unbundle work but also drive innovation. A customized business goods company quickly identified a new opportunity in the marketplace to create masks at the start of the pandemic and worked with partners to quickly introduce what became one of the most popular and highly rated masks in the US.

4 ways leaders can boost the workplace adaptivity is a tech company dedicated to build products to help organizations and its individuals to stay adaptive and win market shares through technology skills enhancement.

1.Change Your Thought Process

2.Force Yourself & Your Team to Take Risks

3.Encourage Others to Be Open-Minded

4.Embrace Adaptive Learning

5.Take The Adaptive Quotient Assessment




Author of The Adaptive Economy | Forbes 30U30 | Tatler | Jedi | Co-Founder, GetLinks (Alibaba, SEEK) | Watch my talks here:

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Djoann Fal

Djoann Fal

Author of The Adaptive Economy | Forbes 30U30 | Tatler | Jedi | Co-Founder, GetLinks (Alibaba, SEEK) | Watch my talks here:

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