The superpowers of a human of tech.

Want to get more productive and automate your business to create more free time?

A question people always throw around.

“What’s your superpower?”

Mine is:

The willingness to put in a lot of digital researches + an oversensitive BS tech detector that helps discover the best tools and products for the price.

Not as cool a flying like superman but can help you save a lot of money in this digital world.

This list below is the products I use, and why I chose them over others. They aren’t the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive. They are awesome products that are priced well.



I can’t not start with automation.

  • Zapier. Loads of apps. Simple to use.
  • Integromat. Incredibly powerful. Compared to Zapier it’s harder to learn, but cheaper. Watch my Zapier vs Integromat video.
  • AirTable. A place to store information that’s better than Google Sheets in many ways


  • TextExpander for spending less time typing
  • AirTable for content planning, link building and other things you’d normally do in a spreadsheet
  • Calendly for bookings. The UI for the person booking is still second to none.
  • 1Password for password management
  • Superhuman for email. I love that everything is keyboard-based and it’s way faster than native Gmail.
  • FollowUpThen for automatic reminders if people don’t reply to your emails
  • Loom for recording videos for my team, students and anyone really
  • Notion for note-taking, lists and storing all the things I write.
  • ClickUp for task management, although I’m looking to switch away
  • Miro for diagramming. It does the job but I’m not married to it.
  • Online storage with Google Drive. It’s included with our email and it does the job.
  • Slack for communication. I still like it better than alternatives
  • Xero for bookkeeping
  • Content Snare — our own tool that can be used to request files from clients or as a client portal

Marketing & Sales

  • Active Campaign for email marketing & CRM. It has the best automation capability out of any of them, and if it isn’t obvious, I’m big on automation. The email editor is trash though. Really hoping they fix it soon.
  • ConvertBox is the best opt in tool I’ve ever used and it’s a one time fee! Watch my review
  • Revue for weekly curated newsletters. The workflow is ace compared with all others I’ve tried. It’s free now too. Video
  • Intercom for support of our SaaS. It’s just nicer and cleaner than other options. It’s also expensive and not without issues.
  • Buffer for social scheduling. It’s so, so simple. I like that.
  • Better Proposals for…….. proposals. It’s simple and works.
  • Ahrefs for SEO & research. Mangools if you don’t have the budget for ahrefs
  • Rebrandly for link redirects. Most links on this page go through Rebrandly

Learning and coaching

  • GrowthMentor for jumping on calls with amazing mentors
  • Feedly for finding and curating posts for social and newsletters


  • Build on WordPress
  • GeneratePress as a base theme. It’s lightweight and does the job.
  • Elementor as the page builder. I prefer Beaver Builder. Elementor likes to break things and I find it less intuitive
  • Hosted with Cloudways. Their support is meh, but bang for buck is good
  • Opt-in forms by ConvertBox. Amazing lifetime deal yet still an amazing product. Watch my review
  • Checkout system by ThriveCart. Another awesome lifetime deal, converts well, integrates with Zapier, has a ton of features




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