Unprepared (startup) Journey — Part II

UNPREPARED: An unexpected journey, experiencing tech cultures around the world.

We are end of 2021, I left my apartment in Hong Kong in 2019 and have spent 2 years of pandemic in Thailand, alongside my lovely girlfriend to build something that I could call “home” for the first time over 10 years. We got cats, soon a dog, soon a house, soon a kid, or two.

I feel the urge, to leave, again.

I decide to go to France, go see my grandmother, 95 years old, for Christmas and work out some family matters for a month, meditate a bit in Provence, where I grew up, before to come back fully recharged. I will need to be fully recharged because my next challenge is (really) and unexplored journey. Against all odds, at 29 years old, I’m launching a $30m climate tech fund, and I will need to learn from the best investors and startups from really all around the world to be able to do so properly.

And here I am again on the road, this is the story of my journey.



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Djoann Fal

Djoann Fal

Author of The Adaptive Economy | Forbes 30U30 | Tatler | Jedi | Co-Founder, GetLinks (Alibaba, SEEK) | Watch my talks here: http://y2u.be/Ep4a9Pba374