Why Modern Career Forum is so important for your country

In the midst of the global pandemic recovery, the media talk about a “new normal”. During the past 9 weeks, it is estimated by the ILO that more than 149 million people lost their jobs globally… What about the 90m freshers that will graduate globally this year and be left on the side of the road as most traditional companies are not in a position to hire?

Millions of businesses have shut down during the pandemic, now impacting the hiring forecasts for 2021.

This is the problem “Modern Career Forum” is aiming to bring attention to, give insights & access to support fresh grads to enter the job market in this shaking environment that is 2020 and our decade ahead.

How can our youth adapt to the massive challenges of the 2020’s ahead:

-Massive & rapid environmental changes (COVID possible second wave, Climate crisis events around the world)

-Technology disruption (70% of 2020’s IPOs are tech companies, this year Elon Musk became wealthier than Warren Buffet)

-Political reshuffling (US/China Cold War & it’s global influence on the job market)

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) last month released a report that showed one in every six young workers globally have stopped working during the pandemic, warning that long-term fallout could lead to a “lockdown generation” if governments fail to address the issue.

A generation which, if not taken care of and supported by all parties involved, might become “The lost generation” and go permanently off the labor market.

Modern Career Forum statement is that occupations are about to change: A variety of careers are emerging while many jobs are disappearing and we want to create the platform to support fresh grads to adapt through these changes.

“Digital Disruption has a negative impact on businesses in many industries. But on the other side, many companies are able to upgrade their workforce from this situation and they will win new market shares by using technologies to reform traditional business practices.”

Thidarat Kanchanawat
Country Director — Adecco Group Thailand

  • Raise awareness of new career patterns and the impact that is about to occur in the job market.
  • Prepare talents for changes and be ready & relevant for when the labor market will open again
  • Join the conversation with the key stakeholders of the local labor market from Fortunes500 to Tech companies..
  • Solve the mystery of salary to expect in each position for each industry and any profession.
  • Learn what positions are at risk of unemployment and what professions are emerging
  • Discover the mindset, experiences, and possibilities of the freelance industry
  • For many people, work is the “big problem” of their life, people are scared, lost. We will explore using “Design Thinking” to create and design your “work-life” with expert's life coaches.
  • Talk to leaders and innovators from major local companies to understand the perspective of how leading companies will adapt to the 4.0 era and the impact on employees like us

If you are…

We invite you to join the Modern Career Forum 2020!

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